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Pharmapoetica is a collaboration between Poet Chris McCabe and Medical Herbalist and Artist Maria Vlotides. Initially conceived as an art installation consisting of a “medical cabinet of poems” about plants used pharmacologically, it has developed to include an accompanying book, a formulary of sorts, that not only contains the ten poems but images of the installation and working notes on which the poems are based. The poems themselves are also a narrative of the poet’s relationship with his young son and his son’s view of the world through these plants.

The alchemical and transformative processes of language and its meaning through poetry mirrored by the alchemical and transformative process of plants into medicinal drugs

The book is published as a limited edition of 500.

Pharmapoetica: a dispensary of poetry
Authors: Chris McCabe and Maria Vlotides
Designers: Pedestrian Publishing
No. of pages: 64
210 mm x 148 mm
Publication Date: September 2013
ISBN 9781907961014
RRP £ 15.00


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Now Nominated for the Ted Hughes Awardand you can also hear more about the project on the Londonist Out Loud podcast and a review